Here the story about the steller the story telling social media

Here  the story about the steller the story telling social media | Arrange Mau Steller Stories in Social Media? Just follow the guidelines following this Some time ago I already explained what Steller social media that are popular in Indonesia. Steller which has the acronym of “story teller” meaning the narrator or storyteller in the… Read More

City Of Heroes , Surabaya In the East Java

City Of Heroes , Surabaya In the East Java | So exactly what do instantly remember about East Java? In fact Surabaya. Along with being the capital from the province of East Java, Surabaya is that the second largest city after Jakarta. Having a population around 3 million people, Surabaya has grown to be the… Read More

Rafting ,Extreme Sport Special Indonesia

Rafting ,Extreme Sport Special Indonesia | Travelers, you like doing extreme activities? Whether it’s exploring a cave in the bowels of the earth, climbing, paragliding, or even diving. Well, for you who want to challenge the adrenaline with this type of event like this, shall try Songa rafting in Probolinggo, here. Want to know what… Read More

Welcome to Papua's Unique Tradition

Welcome to Papua’s Unique Tradition | Papua is the most eastern island in Indonesia that has been known for its natural beauty incredible. Not only nature, Papua is also rich with traditions and unique local culture. One of the local culture of Papua are already quite well known is the cultural dances that are often… Read More

Great Elephant's Show In Bali

Great Elephant’s Show In Bali | Bali to play just shopping and to the beach, anyway, is common. If you are planning to Bali again in the near future, the time to try other exciting things are going to be the experience not forgotten, namely the elephant ride. Yep, jumbo-sized mammals is not only benign,… Read More

Tomini Bay The Next Indonesia's Destination

Tomini Bay The Next Indonesia’s Destination | There are many reasons why Gorontalo fits really be your vacation spot, travelers. Natural beauty, unique culture and friendly people united into a magnet for tourists. Well, for you who like diving, Tomini Bay can make you amazed for the beauty of the underwater habitat. It is difficult… Read More

Watch The Indonesia's Snow Show

Watch The Indonesia’s Snow Show | Have you seen the picture object is a beautiful lake with clear blue colored water that is viral in social media lately? Indeed, not many know that it was a beautiful place Kaolin successful Kolong hypnotize the travelers. Want to know more about the beautiful places this one? Consider… Read More